Patricia Field on sexy wholesale clothing and Her Career at 92Y With Fern Mallis

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Designers and insiders are usually ranked with sexy wholesale clothing Fern Mallis in Q & A's career. However, the perennial underestimation of Patricia Field (Patricia Field) to a more limited speed to re-shoot her.

After fifty years of fashion, why should catch? Whether it's revealing her sexy wholesale clothing eye-catching hair color - "Poppies and Oven Red" - or praising candy Pratts prices start her clothing designer career, recommending her as a clothing designer 1987 movie "Miss Violin", a by Diane Lane Starring curtains 30 years later, the field as always grateful. "This is one of the best things anyone is doing for me.I always tell people that I am very grateful to her for doing this," Field said Pratts Price.


"After seeing an ad in a manager of a team in Alexandria I know I can do it I know it's easy I always tell people and do it very simply. Do not do anything because if it's easy, you'll do it Well, you'll be fine. "


"One day in the mid-seventies, I saw this rags pants are pink pants, some tripped over my store, I was like" Who is this? " "Patty Smith," said Field. "One day she said," I bet you want to know where I bought the sexy wholesale clothing I bought from you, "I said," Yes, I really like it, "she's gone," on the stage The Came to my show, "this is her last show in New York, and then she was in this $ 200 silk chiffon blouse, wrinkles and crazy. She will come to buy this olive green mink She was very disrespectful and I really liked her.


The costume designer is working on Darren Star's "young" television station with sexy wholesale clothingHilary Duff, Sutton Foster, Debi Mazar and Miriam Shaw. She also has an e-commerce, which includes art and draws unique clothes, and she also wants to wholesale. Field describes the meeting with Bergdorf Goodman Linda Fargo, said she was told: "Your price is too cheap. Raise your price We do not sell this price," I said, "So buy our price and let All the tags you want. "


"I do not think that people like this are sick because of mass production," he said. In the past few years, I have heard in my shop - "Everything is the same, I can not shop anywhere, all the small shops and good shops are gone, you are the only one ..."


The discussion ends with tough information. If you have a beautiful heart, you can make things look gorgeous, but you have to fall in love with it, because if you become rough, you still have to fall in love with it, "she says. "It 's not just fashion - any business is the same. Do what you like and what it' s easy to do.

Patricia Field on sexy wholesale clothing and Her Career at 92Y With Fern Mallis

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