The more dirty your thoughts, the more sexy wholesale clothing

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World wind down, what sexy wholesale clothing advertising blatantly "cheating" consumers, has long been friends of salt water flooded.

But Argentina's underwear brand has done, she is Jane Pain.

Although "deceive" the eyes, but attracted the eye, won the hearts of the people feeding the masses.

Most people think that sexy wholesale clothing underwear advertising is the star endorsement, body burning a photo album, consumers based on the star effect to buy underwear.

But this marketing means obviously does not apply to Jane Pain, walking in the fashion cutting-edge underwear brand must take the sophisticated marketing strategy.

See the business line, it is ... elbow.

Wow, trough! Is actually ... bent from the knee.

Just ready to play, a closer look, the original is ... armpit. fall!

This illusion of art series, see the upsurge of emotion, chicken move, pants off and wear.

"It's a new perspective, so that sexy wholesale clothing everyone can feel sexy again." It's so sexy on the elbow, knee and armpit, and it's all the way to wear it on the chest! "

This fashion underwear advertising has been at the cutting edge, in 2012 their home advertising to get the Lapiz de Oro, Argentina's advertising industry's highest award.

"Everything you see is what you want to see."

Routine is not deep, what people see what the ghosts

Seven giants immediately concave a shape, look at the little partners have any reaction.

In this love of the ditch era, but fortunately we have a great stick, a variety of high-tech vibration mode, but also bring out the street when sexy wholesale clothingthe necklace, Buy Sao goods Shangsheng purchase, enrich the world tens of thousands of boutique, and brand direct cooperation, quality assurance

Here you can buy the world's most fun, the most advanced, the most sophisticated adult daily necessities, subvert your imagination of adult toys, so you completely fall in love with this flower world.

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